Top Quality Service

We are dedicated to providing quality DOOR STEP CAR WASH service, customer satisfaction is in the top priority at a great value ALL OVER LUCKNOW offering convenient hours.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient DOOR STEP CAR WASH experience possible.
A CLEAN CAR & YOUR HAPPINESS is our top priority. If you’re not satisfied with your service, we’ll do everything we can to fix it. CALL US or MESSAGE US any time -- we’re here with our service!

  • Car wash at best price

    We are ALWAYS AVAILABLE at your door step at yor selected time. We dont restrict you the time, you can call us anytime.

  • car wash at time

    We care for our CUSTOMER'S TIME and so would always be at specific time as asked by you because being punchual is a good habit.

  • personlized packages

    We are only PROFESSIONAL CAR WASHER, We know what your car values to you, this why we finish our work to bring Smiles on your face.

  • Large product range

    INFINITY WASH has the LARGEST PRODUCT LINE for the best wash to your car. We have the Best Organic product line which will never damage any part of your car and will give the best results in every wash.

  • best car wash

    We provide the best detailing service in Lucknow. From External detailing to internal detailing, we have the BEST TEAM, EQUIPMENTS & PRODUCTS for the service. Every inch of your Car is important to us.

  • best car care

    We at INFINITY wash recommend every customer to must have INFINITY PROTECTION COVERING. In this service we provide your car with a layer of Extra bright Shine, Gloss & Dust Protection.

  • seat cleaning
    Seat Cleaning

    Professional Seat Cleaning is done by us so that the customer never gets unsatisfied with the service.

  • dashboard cleaning
    Dashboard Cleaning

    Our team is best to choose when it comes to clean your interior, We favour to satisfy our Customers only.

  • car roof cleaning
    Roof Cleaning

    We do the Roof Cleaning Like no one other, We have microfibre Pieces and Vacumns with Pin holes to clean roof fully and give it extra shine.

Car wash list
  • body wash image
    Body Wash

    With many distint ways of Car washing, we have the accurate and best ways to pamper your car with our washing techniques.

  • car stain removal
    Stain Removal

    We are the only Company in Lucknow to Gurantee Stain Removal* of all kinds on the car body.

  • car window wash
    Anti-Reflection Coating

    Our great product range also includes Anti-Reflection Coating Which helps the Person Driving to have a clear sight in Rains and Nights.


Our customers love us
  • I just got a Crown Exterior wash package and interior seat wash and was super happy by the quality and detail of the service. I couldn't be happier and have recommend friends and family members to call Infinity Wash for the best car wash in Lucknow.

    Shubham Kakkar
    Skoda Rapid
  • I think INFINITY WASH is the best car washers ever. Love the price, convenience and customer service. When I have time and want to clean the interior of my car, it is easy and cheap. They are equipped with the best products like to wash the windows and dashboards. Thanks so much.

    Ibrahim Khan
    Renault Duster
  • Finally a car wash that does pay attention to the detail. I have a little extra time and money and I let them do the full detail and it always has turned out great. I use them all the time and now with Summer season upon us, they will be seeing my car even more often.

    Karan K.
    Toyota Yaris